Winning Tactics for Saving Diesel Fuel on Boats and Ships

Rentar Fuel Catalyst Increases Fuel Efficiency on Marine Application, Almost Unbelievably

The Rentar Fuel Catalyst has produced industry-standard-changing results in both field and lab tests when used to reduce emissions and increase diesel fuel combustion efficiency on engines powered with heavy fuel oil. The Rentar Fuel Catalyst can reduce fuel consumption by up to 12% on power generators and up to 30% on boilers and furnaces.

Lab Test Results

The Rentar Fuel Catalyst reduces fuel consumption by up to 5 percent and 15 percent on agricultural, over-the-road, and off-road equipment respectively, a sum of sufficient quantity that Rentar guarantees its fuel catalyst generates a return on investment (ROI) — that the Rentar Fuel Catalyst pays for itself — within 12 months.

However, the Rentar generally pays for itself more quickly, sometimes in as little as four months depending on application and engine.

On heavy fuel oil, marine application engines, the Rentar Fuel Catalyst can produce fuel combustion efficiency results almost twice that generated on agricultural and over-the-road equipment, meaning the Rentar Fuel Catalyst has the potential to pay for itself in one-quarter depending on usage, and fuel prices.

Fuel Consumption Study on Private boat – CATERPILLAR 3116TA MARINE ENGINE

Tested on the Karen N, a 1996 Patriot Marine 40×14-foot boat used by the Chesapeake Bay Foundation, the Rentar improved fuel burn on average by 19 percent, meaning the Karen N’s consumption dropped to four gallons for every five burned without the Rentar Fuel Catalyst.

Technology Evaluation Report (Fuel Consumption Study) on Navy Forrestal Class Supercarrier – CUMMINS KTA-3067-M (Marine Engine)

The U.S. Navy placed the Rentar Fuel Catalyst on a starboard main engine of the USS Independence. On a voyage from Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, to California, the Rentar was compared with the port engine not using the device. The engine using the Rentar burned 151 fewer gallons during the voyage.

Also tested by the Navy on cargo trucks and other vehicles, according to the Navy, the Rentar showed stunning savings in fuel economy – over 40 percent in some cases.

Field Test Results

Field Consumption Report on Sports Fishing Boat – TWIN 3208 375 HP CATERPILLAR DIESEL ENGINES

Whipsaw Sports Fishing of Honolulu, Hawaii, tested the Rentar Fuel Catalyst on a Caterpillar diesel engine powering a 35-foot Cabo Flybridge Sportfish Boat in 2013 and saw a 16.64 percent improvement in fuel consumption. Though the Cabo Flybridge does not burn heavy fuel oil, the diesel fuel savings were still dramatic by any standard.

While increases in diesel fuel efficiency rates vary from engine to engine and application to application, the Rentar Fuel Catalyst is guaranteed to show an ROI within 12 months on diesel fuel and heavy fuel oil engines.


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