Diesel, the Cleanest Fossil Fuel There Is

Few industries have the ability to make a positive impact on the environment in the same way construction and excavation companies can, especially with respect to atmospheric-polluting emissions. And few industries are already doing more. Whether a conscious decision or not, construction and excavation companies burn the cleanest fossil fuel: diesel.

Diesel Burns Clean

Diesel engines pollute to a much lesser degree than gasoline-powered engines. Diesel fuel engines produce about 95 percent less carbon monoxide than a car with a catalytic converter and a car with a catalytic converter release about 84 percent fewer hydrocarbons into the atmosphere and emit 15 percent less carbon dioxide.

Gasoline-powered engines without catalytic converters produce 98 percent more carbon monoxide than a diesel-powered engine, 97 percent more hydrocarbons, and 69 percent more oxides of carbon.

By any standard, those numbers are staggering.

Save particulate matter — the ash that escapes a diesel engine tailpipe when an operator revs the engine — diesel is an incredibly clean solution to the pollutants currently spilling into the atmosphere.

Why Stop There?

Diesel engines can burn even cleaner than they currently do. Fuel-saving technology, such as fuel catalysts, is already advanced enough to cut fuel consumption in a diesel engine by at least 12.5 percent, and that is being very conservative. Rentar fuel catalysts have shown to cut fuel costs by up to 24 percent in field tests. And, the best part about the reduction of fuel consumption — aside from the 12.5 percent cost savings— is that the entire industry can reduce the number of gallons of oil used per year.

But, with respect to the environment, there is more to pre-combustion fuel catalysts than fuel savings. Pre-combustion fuel catalysts — at least the Rentar Fuel Catalyst — has proven in field tests that it can reduce particulate matter by up to 50 percent.

The other major concern with respect to diesel engines is nitrous oxide. The Rentar Fuel Catalysts has tested out with reduction results as high as 40 percent with respect to nitrous oxide.

By adding a pre-combustion fuel catalyst to a diesel engine, the already naturally clean fossil fuel becomes an even greater environmental advocate.


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