Over the last decade, the Rentar Fuel Catalyst has been used in dozens of industries in nations around the world. Governments, militaries and municipalities have all documented huge savings in fuel costs while extending engine life and creating healthier work spaces.


Lower the cost of education by lowering the costs of maintaining large local school districts and sprawling university campuses across the country. Rentar Fuel Catalysts have helped these institutions save money in boiler rooms while cutting down on dangerous emissions and particulate matter


Paving roads and moving timber, rocks and other huge objects is much less costly with the Rentar Fuel Catalyst hooked onto your engines. The savings include not only improvements in fuel consumption, but also in increased engine life in wheel loaders and trucks as soot and carbon buildup is reduced.





Installed on fleets of buses in major metropolitan areas in the United States, South Asia and Latin America, the Rentar Fuel Catalyst has dramatically reduced fuel costs for taxpayers over tens of thousands of miles traveled per year. Costs have typically measured out to hundreds of dollars per bus adding up to millions per year for municipalities. That also adds up to huge reductions in emissions that meet new international “cap-and- trade” regulations.


Hotels, motels and large-scale tourist havens can save extensively by using the Rentar Fuel Catalyst on power generators and boilers that help keep the lights on and rooms comfortable.


Excavators , loaders, off-highway trucks, cranes, bulldozers and backhoes from some of the world’s leading construction equipment manufacturers like Komatsu and Caterpillar – they’ve all seen dramatic savings and increased engine life using the Rentar Fuel Catalyst. Quarries, cement manufacturers and other mainstays of the construction world have documented dramatic savings.


Seaport terminals as well as cargo vessels, fishing fleets and other ships using the Rentar Fuel Catalyst have noted not only major savings of 10% or more, but have recorded fewer vibrations and much smoother engine performance overall. Fishing fleets have also specifically noted that oil color stays cleaner looking longer because the Rentar Fuel Catalyst keeps the oil contaminants reduced for a longer period of time.


Municipalities and major industries have seen much less soot and smoke using the Rentar Fuel Catalyst. The result is not only savings in fuel, but in the messy, costly and unsightly issues connected to emissions and noxious gases. That helps reduce labor costs and health issues.



The Rentar Fuel Catalyst has been a major tool for the nation’s armed forces. It has improved fuel efficiency and extended range on Humvees and other military equipment for the Army, Navy and Marines.


Ambulances that speed EMTs to homes and accident scenes and men, women and children to hospitals have seen enormous diesel fuel savings with the Rentar Fuel Catalyst. The health savings is amplified when the very life-saving equipment using fuel spews less life-endangering pollution into the air.