What is a fuel catalyst and how can it change your life?

First, the basics.

Simply put, a catalyst is a substance or device that changes the rate and efficiency at which fuel is burned.

The Rentar Fuel Catalyst is placed on the fuel lines of diesel engines in trucks, ships, trains, off road  vehicles, other diesel burning engine applications and boiler/furnaces. As fuel passes through the Rentar fuel catalyst – a unique, cylindrical device using precisely manufactured combinations of rare earth elements and refined metals – reactions are triggered that allow the fuel to burn more efficiently.

How? Polarization or separation of clustered fuel molecules allow for more molecules to be exposed to oxygen. In a typical engines combustion process, fuel molecules have a tendency to cluster together. At the point of combustion the outer molecules shield the inner molecules from being completely covered with oxygen. The result is that the molecules untouched by oxygen go unburned and are blown out the exhaust as wasted fuel in the form of CO, CO2, SO2, NOx, total hydrocarbons, particulate matter and other harmful green house gases.

When fuel passes through the Rentar Fuel Catalyst’s patented combination of metallic and rare earth elements, a reaction occurs just prior to combustion that separates the clustered molecules so more are exposed to oxygen. As the combustion process is completed, far fewer fuel molecules are wasted and spewed from the engine as exhaust. In addition the other most important reaction is the change in the proportion of saturated straight chain aliphatic paraffin’s to unsaturated ring compound aromatics which lead to dehydrogenation of the saturated hydrocarbon chain resulting in the release of a small quantity of hydrogen gas.  The hydrogen gas, with a flame speed faster than that of fuel, improves the combustion process and reduces NOx as a result of burning at a cooler temperature.  The result:  Less fuel is needed to do the same amount of work.

But it gets better. As the fuel burns more efficiently, there is literally less waste. As the combustion process becomes more thorough, less wasted fuel is pushed out of the exhaust. That’s a serious reduction in dangerous emissions that can lead to human health hazards and global warming.

The savings can be massive. In addition to reducing fuel costs, the Rentar Fuel Catalyst can also reduce wear and tear on the engines and boilers to which it’s attached. How? The fuel that isn’t burned off typically builds up inside an engine as soot or carbon buildup. Trapped in the crankcase, it can contaminate oil and eventually lead to breakdowns. Oil analysis tests have proved that by using the Rentar Fuel Catalyst, fuel soot levels are substantially reduced. For boilers there is less buildup of carbon on the internal surfaces of the boiler itself causing constant maintenance and inefficient operation.