Unleash the Secret to Reducing Emissions with Rentar Fuel Catalyst

Rentar Fuel Catalyst Can Help Reduce Emissions on Heavy Duty and Over the Road Trucks

Although they are cautious to use only legitimate and repeatable data with respect to its pre-combustion diesel fuel saving catalyst/emissions reduction device, Rentar’s numbers regarding emissions are — nevertheless — surprisingly high. Tests for particulate matter reduction, black smoke elimination, greenhouse gas minimization, the lowering of elemental and organic carbons, and cancer-causing volatile organics suppression all produce very high numbers.

The Rentar Fuel Catalyst is so efficient at cutting emissions that people unfamiliar with the Rentar may question their legitimacy.

The following are the reduction numbers the Rentar Fuel Catalyst will produce within each category of emissions:

Particulate Matter – 19.2% reduction in “smog” exhaust particulates.

Black Smoke – 44% reduction.

Greenhouse Gases – 19.2% reduction in CO, NO, Nox, SO2 and other greenhouse gases causing disease and environmental problems. CO2 is eliminated by the same amount as the reduction of fuel consumption ie: a 5% reduction in fuel usage would give you a 5% reduction in CO2 footprint.

Elemental and Organic Carbons – Reduction of up to 35%.

Cancer Causing Volatile Organics

•Benzene – 35.4% reduction.

•Toluene – 31.1% reduction.

•Xylenes – 46.2% reduction.

•Ethylbenzene – 48.4% reduction.

•Acetone – 16.7% reduction.

•Acetaldehydes – 36% reduction.

•1-ethyl-2 methyl benzene – 48.9% reduction.

•1,2,3 tri-methylbenzene – 58.7% reduction.

Elemental and Organic Carbon Particulates

•Elemental Carbon – 31.3% reduction.

•Organic Carbon – 16.3% reduction.

•Total Carbon – 19% reduction.

Sulfate – Between 9.5% and 22.7% reduction.

Field Tests Legitimize the Rentar Fuel Catalyst’s Emissions Reduction Numbers on Heavy Duty and Over the Road Trucks

The following is a compilation of field and lab results showing that, in fact, the Rentar Fuel Catalyst reduces emissions by unparalleled percentages.

The New York City Department of Environmental Protection

The New York City Department of Environmental Protection measured the performance of the Rentar Fuel Catalyst on five vehicles. On average:

•CO was reduced by 30%.

•CO2 fell 47%.

•NOX was reduced by 28%.

The New York City Metropolitan Transit Authority

The New York City Metropolitan Transit Authority tested the Rentar Fuel Catalyst on several vehicles to measure emissions.

•Opacity (black smoke) was reduced by an average of 49% on three trucks.

•On a train yard engine, CO was reduced by 35% while NO fell by 118%

Arriva Transportation Ltd.

A company that operates fleets of commuter buses and trains in Portugal, Arriva tested the Rentar Fuel Catalyst on 10 of its Mercedes buses and found that the Rentar Fuel Catalyst not only paid for itself in the first year but that it reduced soot by 50%.

Lab Tests Also Legitimize the Rentar Fuel Catalyst’s Emissions Reduction Numbers

The following motors were tested in a lab first without the Rentar Fuel Catalyst, then with it. The Rentar produced the following emissions numbers.


Placed on two popular front-end loaders (the Volvo L-120 and the Volvo L-90), the Rentar Fuel Catalyst showed reductions of over:

•50% in particulate matter.

•and over 40% in CO, NOx, and CO2.


Tested using EPA guidelines on a Cummins N-14 diesel engine with over a million miles on it, the Rentar Fuel Catalyst showed up to a 22% reduction in sulfate under various conditions.


The Rentar Fuel Catalyst was tested under plans and protocols developed by the California Air Resources Board (CARB) to determine if toxic metals were still present in fuel after going through the device. After 66 hours and nearly 8,000 gallons of fuel burned, no dioxin or furan was detectable, tests concluded.


Tested on a Model 855 Cummins diesel engine under warmed-up, steady-state conditions, the Rentar Fuel Catalyst reduced volatile organics in exhaust significantly:

•Benzene – 35.4%.

•Toluene – 36.1%.

•Xylene – 46.2%.

•Ethylbenzene – 48.4%.

•Acetone – 16.7%.

•Acetalhydes – 36%.

The Rentar Fuel Catalyst has proven to be, arguably, the most effective diesel fuel emissions reduction device available.


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