Learn Everything About Increasing Fuel Economy with the Rentar Catalyst

The Rentar Fuel Catalyst Will Increase Fuel Economy Dramatically

Diesel engine manufacturers, equipment fleet managers and private equipment owners alike are rarely fans of emissions-reducing devices because, in general, emissions-reducing devices also reduce fuel economy and horsepower from an engine.

While reducing emissions like greenhouse gases — CO2, CO, NO, Nox, SO2, etc.; — particulate matter; black smoke; elemental and organic carbons; and cancer-causing volatile organics, emissions-reducing devices also reduce engine efficiency, production, and output.

The reason most emissions-reducing devices affect fuel economy and horsepower output is because of a hydraulic phenomenon called back pressure: At increased back pressure levels, the engine has to compress the exhaust gases to a higher pressure, which involves additional mechanical work and/or less energy extracted by the exhaust turbine. This can affect intake manifold boost pressure and lead to an increase in fuel consumption.

But, it isn’t only fuel efficiency and horsepower that most fuel saving devices affect.

Many post-combustion emissions devices — catalytic converters for example — can damage an engine over time. Back pressure, in addition to making the engine less fuel efficient and productive, increases exhaust temperature, “The increased exhaust temperature can result in overheating of exhaust valves and the turbine.”

And, in addition to naturally restricting the flow of exhaust, post-combustion emissions devices are notorious for becoming clogged where the device bottlenecks the flow of exhaust to the muffler, an effect that further reduces gas mileage and power output while increasing the exhaust temperatures that an engine is exposed to.

The Rentar Fuel Catalyst Increases Fuel Efficiency, Reduces Emissions and Does Not Increase Combustion Temperatures

From a financial standpoint, the Rentar Fuel Catalyst is as sound an investment as equipment fleet managers and private equipment owners can make. In the diesel fuel-saving device industry, the Rentar is unparalleled.

In both lab and field tests, the Rentar Fuel Catalyst’s results with respect to fuel efficiency increases and emissions reduction have been staggering.

Fuel Efficiency Increases So Dramatically, the Rentar Pays for Itself in Less than One Year

The pre-combustion fuel efficiency device performs so well that Rentar guarantees it will pay for itself in less than one year. Rentar promises an unconditional return on investment within 12 months, but traditionally, the Rentar has paid for itself much more quickly depending on the application, operational time and price of fuel.

While different factors determine exactly to what degree the Rentar Fuel Catalyst increases diesel fuel efficiency, results range anywhere from 3 percent to 12 percent. On boilers and furnaces, the Rentar Fuel Catalyst has shown results of anywhere from 26 percent to 30 percent in the lab.

The Rentar produces equally impressive results on generators. In a field test conducted by a major marine and terminal operator, “Over 95 hours of testing the Rentar on average had a 16-percent fuel savings rate.”

The results can be just as impressive on wheeled vehicles, and particularly on older ones. According to the United States Navy, “on cargo trucks and other vehicles, the Rentar showed stunning savings in fuel economy – over 40 percent in some cases on the older legendary fleet.”

Field tests on wheeled heavy equipment by a major mining and aggregate company produced the following, “They tested the Rentar Fuel Catalyst on 18 pieces of off-road equipment including haul trucks, wheel loaders, and generators. Across the entire group, the Rentar improved fuel consumption by 7.3 percent. But on some pieces of equipment, like a Caterpillar Wheel Loader, the Rentar saw reductions up to 32 percent.”

A pre-combustion fuel saving device, the Rentar Fuel Catalyst outperforms almost all post-combustion emissions reduction devices on the market as well.

The Rentar is the diesel fuel savings and emissions reduction device for your fleet needs.


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