Now You Can Enjoy Diesel Fuel Savings on Your Diesel Equipment Too

Generators and the Rentar Fuel Catalyst: Significant Diesel Consumption Reduction Coupled with Substantial Run-Times Equate to Exponential Fuel Cost Savings

On generators, the Rentar Fuel Catalyst has proven to cut fuel costs, on average, by between 7 and 12 percent. And the Rentar Fuel Catalyst has reduced fuel consumption by more during lab and field tests.

While cutting fuel costs by more than 3 percent on any piece of equipment or implement, as well as any over-the-road diesel vehicle, amounts to massive savings over the long haul, a fuel-saving device that can cut costs on a generator saves considerably more fuel than one on a machine that requires an operator. Diesel generators run as hard as any engine on a job site or industrial area, but generators can run up to four times longer per day than an operator-required machine.

Engines powering wheel and track equipment and implements, including over-the-road trucks, rarely work 24-hours a day. Generators — on the other hand — run around the clock, seven days a week, regularly. That means, per day, a generator typically consumes far more diesel than trucks, equipment, and implements.

The fact that generators often consume much larger quantities of fuel means that cutting fuel costs by a certain percentage is actually an exponential saving. Companies can cut fuel cost dramatically by reducing the amount of fuel large-engine diesel generators consume.

And again, during some tests, adding a Rentar Fuel Catalyst to a generator cut fuel costs by almost 25 percent.

DP World’s Field Testing of Rentar Fuel Catalyst

With 49 terminals and nine new developments and major expansions across 31 countries, DP World is one of the largest marine terminal operators in the world. With a pipeline of expansion and development projects in key growth markets, including India, China, and the Middle East, capacity is expected to rise to around 92 million TEU (twenty-foot-equivalent container units) by 2020.

DP World tested the Rentar Fuel Catalyst on a generator set with a Cat 3412 engine in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, in 2011. The fuel cost reduction — the drop in diesel fuel consumption — on the Cat 3412 was sizable.

Rentar Fuel Catalyst Fuel Savings on Cat 3412

The Rentar was tested over a five-day period. Only once did the Rentar not cut fuel consumption by at least 12 percent. On two of the five days, the Cat 3412 used 24 percent less fuel than the baseline sum. Over the five days, the average savings were 16 percent.

Eswari Textile: Rentar Fuel-Saving Device on Caterpillar 320 KVA Cuts Fuel Costs by More Than 14 Percent

One of the largest textile manufacturers in India, Eswari Textile requires a Caterpillar 320 KVA to power its operations. In an effort to reduce diesel costs, Eswari Textile fitted its generator with a Rentar Fuel Catalyst and saw a fuel cost reduction of 14.28 percent over 250 hours of operation.

SOMA Enterprise Limited Reports 12 Percent Diesel Fuel Savings on Generators After Rentar Fuel Catalyst Installed

During the construction of a gravity dam on the Subansiri River in northeastern India — known as the Subansiri Hydro Electric Project and still underway — SOMA Enterprise Limited added a Rentar Fuel Catalyst to a Caterpillar 1010 KVA DG.

SOMA tested the diesel fuel-saving device in the winter months between November 2011 and February 2012.

SOMO reported that the Rentar Fuel Catalyst reduced the Caterpillar 1010’s fuel consumption by 12 percent in 600 hours of testing.


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