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Rentar Fuel Catalyst and Heavy Duty Off-Road Equipment Fuel Cost Savings: Field Test Results

Data from diesel fuel emissions reduction device field tests from three different companies — Toyota Transport,  Hardrives, Inc., and CEMEX — shows the Rentar Fuel Catalyst is the best diesel fuel cost-cutting and emissions reduction technology available.

All three companies installed the Rentar diesel fuel-saving device — the Rentar Fuel Catalyst — in both over-the-road fleets and heavy equipment and machinery.

The field test results compiled by Toyota Transport,  Hardrives, Inc., and CEMEX, led to the conclusion that, “the Rentar Fuel Catalyst is the most cost-effective means of achieving significant fuel savings and emission reduction. Return on investment is typically achieved through [diesel] fuel savings in three to twelve months.”

“This multi-patented technology has been scientifically verified as safe and effective by some of the world’s foremost combustion testing facilities: Southwest Research Institute, Virginia Tech University, Olsen Ecological Labs, U.S. Army Aberdeen Proving Grounds, U.K. Millbrook Proving Grounds and others,” its distributors harold.

Toyota Transport’s Saves Big in Diesel Costs with Rentar Fuel Catalyst

Toyota Transport equipped its entire fleet with Rentar semi-truck fuel catalysts and conducted field tests on five of its over-the-road transport vehicles. The five trucks using Rentar’s tractor-trailer fuel-saving device in Toyota Transport’s fleet gained a fuel efficiency use rate of 11% on the highway.

Aside from the fuel cost savings, Toyota was equally impressed with the degree to which the Rentar Fuel Catalyst reduces harmful particulate emissions. On its website, Toyota Transport published the following: “Testing of the catalyst on our fleet shows decreased emissions of hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide, nitrous oxides and carbon dioxide.”

On an even larger fleet of trucks, the Rentar’s average results were even better. Hardrives, Inc. experienced an even greater degree of success using the Rentar Fuel Catalyst.

Rentar Increases Fuel Efficiency of Hardrives, Inc.’s Fleet, Reduces Black Smoke and Emissions

Hardrives, Inc. eventually purchased 50 Rentar Fuel Catalysts, having purchased 18 in its original order. Upon buying the first 18 industrial diesel fuel catalysts, the company conducted field tests in order to ensure that the Rentar Fuel Catalysts would — as Rentar Environmental Solutions guarantees — pay for themselves in fuel cost savings within the first 12 months.

In Hardrives, Inc.’s fuel use and emissions reduction field tests, the data showed an overall diesel fuel consumption drop of 13% by Hardrives Inc.’s road construction fleet of vehicles.

In addition to the substantial fuel cost savings associated with the Rentar Fuel Catalyst, the company noted that “the first 18 Rentar Fuel Catalyst units purchased averaged more than… 20% to 40% in black smoke and exhaust pollution reduction.”

But in order to understand just how significant a 13% drop in fuel costs is, the savings must be measured against a company’s return on investment.

CEMEX Achieves 100% ROI within Two Months of Rentar Fuel Catalyst Installation

Cutting fuel costs by 11% and 13% means saving $1.10 to $1.30 on every $10 spent, but this only equates to customer savings if the return on investment (ROI) occurs within a reasonable time frame. Rentar Environmental Solutions, Inc, the manufacturer of the Rentar Fuel Catalyst, guarantees an ROI within one year. In addition, the Rentar Fuel Catalyst has a 10-year warranty.

With the guaranteed return on investment and the 10-year warranty, clients are promised savings on diesel fuel costs for at least 9 years.

But for most, the savings begins much sooner.

In the case of CEMEX — the world’s largest producer of quarry products serving customers and communities throughout the Americas, Europe, Africa, Middle East and Asia — the Rentar Fuel Catalysts purchased produced a return on investment within two months.

Within 60 days of purchasing Rentar Fuel Catalysts, CEMEX had a 100% return on its investment.

Rentar Fuel Catalyst a Universal Diesel Fuel Saving Device

In addition to providing a return on investment in less than a year, diesel fuel savings can potentially exceed 5% on vehicles and equipment, 12% on generators, and 30% on furnaces and boilers.

Rentar’s distributors explain, “depending upon the application and conditions guaranteed fuel reductions range from 2% to 30%, and greenhouse gas, particulate matter, soot, and volatile organics reductions range from 12% to 50%,” and, “in properly developed carbon remediation projects, the Rentar Fuel Catalyst may be a means of generating carbon offsets, which provide a potential new revenue stream for users.


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