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Rentar Fuel Catalyst Proves Itself on Mass Transit Vehicles With Respect to Reducing Emissions of Opacity

The Rentar’s capacity as a mass transit fuel saving device is recognized in North, Central and South America, Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Africa, Australia, and New Zealand.

Equally as important, the Rentar Fuel Catalyst also reduces emissions. The New York City Metropolitan Transit Authority put the Rentar Fuel Catalyst on a number of buses within its fleet — one of the largest in the world — in order to test the amount of emissions reduction the Rentar can provide. Arriva Transportation Ltd in Portugal, a company that has both fleets of buses as well as commuter trains, tested the Rentar on 10 of its Mercedes-Benz buses with the same objective. In both instances, the Rentar Fuel Catalyst proved not only to reduce fuel consumption dramatically but to reduce emissions of opacity by up to 50% on some vehicles.

New York City Metropolitan Transit Authority’s Results, Data, and Statistics with Regard to the Rentar Fuel Catalyst

The New York City Metropolitan Transit Authority’s findings pertaining to the Rentar Fuel Catalyst proved to be extremely encouraging with respect to the reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. The transit authority tested the Rentar on a Cummins 318 Yard Train Engine, a Transit Authority Diesel Car, a 1989 GMC Tow Truck and a 1991 Mack Hoist Truck.

Trainyard Engine Emissions Reduction With Rentar Pre-Combustion Fuel Catalyst

Emissions from the train yard engine using the Rentar precombustion fuel catalyst were tested for carbon monoxide (CO), nitrogen oxide, nitric oxide (NO), nitrogen dioxide (NO2), and nitrogen oxide (NOx).

•CO was reduced by 35.7%.

•NO was reduced by 118.7%.

•NO2 was reduced by 26.3%.

•and NOx was reduced by 21.1%

1989 GMC Tow Truck and 1991 Mack Hoist Truck Exhaust Opacity Reduction After Installation of Rentar Diesel Truck Fuel Catalyst

The Rentar was installed on three trucks to test the level to which the Rentar would reduce diesel fuel black smoke. The levels of exhaust opacity were by almost 40% on a diesel car with an original opacity of 2.1%. The opacity level was dropped to 1.3%

But, on a 1989 GMC tow truck with an original exhaust opacity of 43.3%, the opacity was dropped 76%, to a moderate 10.4% following the addition of a Rentar Fuel Catalyst.

The results were even more impressive when the Rentar Fuel Catalyst was put on a 1991 Mack hoist truck. With an original exhaust opacity of 19.9%, the addition of the Rentar reduced the opacity to 3.4%, a reduction of 83.3%.

Arriva Transportation Ltd Fuel Economy Study Shows the Rentar to Reduce Black Soot by 50%

The Rentar mass-transit fuel catalyst gave Arriva Transportation Ltd a return on investment (ROI) of 80% in the first year. In five years, the average monthly savings would go from 847,000 euros in the first year to 1,029,000 euros. The first year, Arriva Transportation could save 231,000,000 euros, and by the fifth year, Arriva would save 280,781,944 euros annually.

Equally important, by putting the Rentar fuel saving device on its buses, Arriva saw a reduction in soot of 50%, stating that, “As expected, the RFC reduced soot within 72 hours of operation, and the data of Table 4 (opacity) shows a substantial reduction in soot (over 50%). This substantial change had also been observed by the drivers and corroborates the effectiveness of the RFC.”


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