The U.S. Military and the Rentar Fuel Catalyst: Reduction of Fuel Consumption

What Is a Rentar Fuel Catalyst and How Does It Reduce Diesel Fuel Consumption?

The pre-combustion Rentar Fuel Catalyst is backed by 28 U.S. patents, has 14 years of design and engineering behind it, and is the world’s premier fuel-saving product for diesel engines. The Rentar Fuel Catalyst has been tested in both EPA- and CARB-recognized labs, and it’s been field-tested in all conditions and on six of the seven continents.

The Rentar Fuel Catalyst is a patented combination of non – ferrous metals, ferrous metals and rare earth elements through which diesel fuel passes. By homogenizing the diesel, the Rentar Fuel Catalyst primes it for combustion. The Rentar’s agitation of the fuel preconditions it to increase oxygen exposure and minimize molecular curding, and also creates a chemical reaction that releases trace amounts of hydrogen, thereby enhancing the combustion process.

Rentar Fuel Catalysts extends the life of an engine, reduces maintenance costs and dramatically reduces carbon emissions, which are believed to be responsible for global warming. Most importantly for our clients, on a day-to-day, week-to-week, and month-to-month basis, the Rentar Fuel Catalyst can cut costs from 5–12 percent, depending on the engine and application.

Rentar Fuel Catalysts are installed on over 23,000 machines located worldwide: North, Central, and South America; Africa, Asia, Europe, Australia, and the Middle East. The Rentar Fuel Catalyst has been purchased by the owners of single-implement, small-scale farms as well as by the operations managers of billion-dollar Fortune 500 companies.

In the United States, the Rentar fuel catalyst has been tested by the U.S. Army, the U.S. Navy, the United States Marine Corp, the EPA/CARB Recognized Olson Eco-Logic Engine Laboratory, the locomotive engine system development firm ESDC, the Southwest Research Institute and Virginia Tech University.

Rentar is so confident in the fuel catalyst that it guarantees it will pay for itself in fuel savings in the first 12 months.

Notable Field Test Results Provided by Rentar Clients

The following field test data, statistics, and conclusions were provided by Rentar customers.

U.S. Navy

The U.S. Navy placed the Rentar Fuel Catalyst on a starboard main engine of the USS Independence. On a voyage from Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, to California, the Rentar was compared with the port engine not using the device. The Independence’s engine with the Rentar Fuel Catalyst used 151 fewer gallons during the voyage than the engine without a Rentar.

The Navy also tested the Rentar Fuel Catalyst on cargo trucks and other vehicles, and according to the Navy, the Rentar produced staggering fuel savings. In some cases, the fuel economy of Navy vehicles increased by over 20%.

U.S. Army

The U.S. Army Aberdeen Test Center put the Rentar Fuel Catalyst on a 1993 4×4 cargo truck used by the U.S. Marine Corps for operations. The U.S. Army concluded that with the Rentar, the cargo truck had considerably enhanced performance. In the test summary, it was concluded that the vehicle produced “less hydrocarbon (HC) emissions, lower NOx levels, lower exhaust temperature rise, and improved fuel economy.”

U. S. Marine Corp

Tested under high-stress conditions by the U.S. Marine Corps, the Rentar Fuel Catalyst showed “very good reductions in opacity and emission odors, as well as showing a significant increase in vehicle performance and MPG.”

The Rentar is not only proven to increase fuel efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, but it is also proven in the toughest of conditions.


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