Are Better Roads Worth The Money To You?

What Are Better Roads Worth to You? There is a raging debate in Washington, and across the country, with respect to the Trump administration’s $1 trillion infrastructure proposal. What started out as a major rallying platform for Trump during his presidential campaign is beginning to attract s

The Future of Fuel Catalyst Technology

The amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere rose above 400 parts per million earlier this year – the highest it’s been in at least 800,000 years, according to several major studies. How can this be stopped? For years, scientists have been looking at advanced fuel catalyst technologies that wi

5 Big Tips for a Carbon Friendly Christmas

How deep is your Christmas carbon footprint? If you’re looking to have a green holiday and save the climate by saving on fuel, we have some tips for you. This is serious business. The year 2016 is going into the record books for crossing several key thresholds for climate change, according to a nu

The Future of Mining Lies in Innovation

As the world grapples with continued efforts to curb climate change as well as dealing with rising nationalist sentiment and global trading pacts, one of the industries everyone is keeping an eye on is mining. Over the last decade the global mining industry has been dealing with major upheavals as t

The Industrial and Commercial Boiler Revolution

One of the most important fuel shifts across the world is taking place largely hidden in hospitals, schools and other industries – the massive change among industrial and commercial boilers and the fuel they burn. These huge devices supply power – often fueled by oil – to health centers, schoo