The Ultimate Deal With Rentar Fuel Catalyst

The Rentar Fuel Catalyst Is the Ultimate Deal in the World of Diesel Engines

The Rentar diesel fuel catalyst is the world’s premier diesel fuel-saving device. In the world of heavy-duty off-road vehicles, marine equipment, agricultural implements, generators and furnaces, customer expectations are extremely high. Engines are expected to last. Vehicles, equipment, and implements are expected to be durable and reliable for decades.

Rentar fuel catalysts proprietary patented combination of metals and rare earth elements are what makes up the world’s most efficient fuel catalyst.

Rentar Fuel catalysts have no moving parts. As catalysts, by definition, Rentar’s industrial fuel-saving devices create a chemical reaction in fuels, yet do not dissipate or wear out. Theoretically, the Rentar Fuel Catalyst has an indefinite life.

No Claim Ever Made on Rentar’s 10-Year Parts and Manufacturing Defects Warranty

There are over 23,000 Rentar Fuel Catalysts on diesel engines on six continents. Of all the Rentar precombustion diesel fuel catalysts installed to date, not one has been returned for failing to meet the conditions of the warranty. Rentar’s product liability assurance has never been used.

No Maintenance, Simple Installation

Once the Rentar Fuel Catalyst is installed, there is no maintenance.

With the exception of four fittings and new, longer sections of fuel line hose, no special tools are required for installation. While it is critical to install the Rentar correctly, it is not possible to put the Rentar on backward because the catalyst is non – directional.

Pays for Itself Within a Year, Guaranteed

Rentar Environmental Solutions, the manufacturer of the Rentar Fuel Catalyst, guarantees customers will pay for a Rentar fuel-saving device in fuel costs within one year. Rentar has the data to show customers how quickly they can pay for their fuel-saving catalyst.

In order to determine how quickly a Rentar Fuel Catalyst will pay for itself, the owner of a vehicle, machine, implement, generator or furnace must know how many gallons of fuel the engine or furnace burns an hour, how many hours a day the diesel engine runs, and the price of fuel.

As the price of a Rentar industrial fuel catalyst is a fixed variable, the only other number required is the percentage of fuel the catalyst saves. Percentage of savings can be estimated during a relatively short field test.

Example of Fuel-Savings Formula at Work

If a generator burns 20 gallons per hour and works 20 hours per day, the total number of gallons of fuel burned daily is 400. If the machine runs at that rate six days a week, four weeks a month, 12 months a year, the total is 5,760 hours per year.

The total amount of fuel burned is 115,200 gallons. If fuel costs $2.50 per gallon, the total fuel costs are $288,000.

If the Rentar Fuel Catalyst increases fuel efficiency by 2 percent, the total fuel costs savings will be $5670, so the Rentar will pay for itself within a year assuming one catalyst per engine. And if the fuel savings are more than 4 percent, the Rentar Fuel Catalyst will pay for itself in approximately 4.5 months or less.


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