Heavy Equipment and Trucking Trends: Saving Fuel

Heavy equipment and trucking trends typically center around one of two principals: abidance to safety regulations and cutting costs. Avoiding fines and penalties is the motivating factor behind abidance. Increasing net profit is the motivating factor behind lowering overhead costs. Cost breakdowns o

How to Save Fuel in Heavy Equipment

For people who operate heavy equipment, saving money on fuel is always a top priority. While trucks and other machines do critical work, they can be expensive and wasteful to operate; companies and operators alike have begun to turn their attention to fuel-saving devices and other ways to lower emis

3 Major Regulations Trucking Companies Face in 2017

The trucking industry is facing a serious onslaught of new regulations just as a business-friendly president takes office later this month. What will that mean? There are both positive and negative trends on the horizon. Among the positive are President-elect Donald Trump’s state predilection for

7 Fuel-Saving Tips Every Fleet Manager Should Embrace

The see-sawing price of oil is going to be a factor well into 2017, but no matter how much fuel costs smart fleet managers know fuel savings is a never-ending task. You can be sure your competitors are looking at their fuel costs. Your fleet’s gas purchases represent one of its most significant on

Equipment Maintenance = Fuel Savings

As surprising as it may seem to some, proper engine and equipment maintenance saves fuel. How much? Truckingefficiency.org, a site developed as a partnership between the North American Council for Freight Efficiency (NACFE) and Richard Branson’s Carbon War Room (CWR), recently came up with 10 key

Fleets Rapidly Embracing New Fuel Savings Technology

One of the most important industry trends in the management of fleet trucks and construction vehicles is the effort at developing diesel fuel saving technologies. Now, a massive new study by the North American Council for Freight Efficiency (NACFE) confirms these trends are having important effects.

The Dawn Of Autonomous Construction Vehicles

I Robot Dump Truck (With Apologies to Isaac Asimov) Self-driving cars are all the rage. Ford is promising a fleet of them by 2021 and sales to consumers by 2025. Uber is moving rapidly to shed their drivers sometime over the next decade, and autonomous taxis have already been deployed in Singapore.

SuperTruck II – Even Better Than “Transformers”

Get ready for the Super Trucks. Here comes SuperTruck II – Even Better Than “Transformers”. No, this isn’t the latest “Transformers” movie. It’s the next generation of long-haul carriers that will carry even larger loads using much less fuel. The Department of Energy has just greenlit