The Truth You Want To Know About California’s Liberal Ideology

California’s “Liberal” Governing Class Proposes Denying Employment to and Confiscating Pensions of Those Not Willing to Fall in Line

A state that ballyhoos its superiority with inclusion rhetoric, California seems adamant to punish those — the working class, especially those in the trades —unwilling to adopt an extremely liberal ideology.

For decades, California has struggled to keep Californians employed. This time last year, the Labor Department’s Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that El Centro, California — a municipality that proclaimed itself to be one of California’s, “most promising new commercial and industrial regions,” — was being stifled with a 20.1% unemployment rate, “by far the highest of the 387 U.S. metropolitan areas.”

But, maintaining the status quo and — far more terrifying — taking the pensions of working-class Americans who’ve earned those pensions, it turns out, is the “liberal” means of persuasion.

As if to say, “if you can’t convert them, coerce them,” California’s governing class has introduced two new bills. One will radically limit opportunities for working-class Californians to find new jobs in a regional market that is soon to explode with tens of thousands of employment opportunities, Senate Bill 30. The other, Assembly Bill 946, will allow the state to rob corporate pension investments from the working class.

Senate Bill 30: Help Build the Wall, and You Cannot Conduct Business in California

California Senate Bill 30 is sponsored by Senator Ricardo Lara (D-Bell Gardens). The bill would make it illegal for any California-based businesses, companies or corporations involved in the building of the U.S./Mexican border wall to conduct business with other businesses based in California.

That in itself would severely limit the earning potential of Mexican Americans — as well as other Latin Americans, Non-Latino Caucasians, African Americans, Chinese Americans, Japanese Americans and Polish and German Americans — as it is estimated that the building of the border wall will generate between 21,200 and 25,600 jobs during the construction phase.

Assembly Bill 946: If You Help Build the Wall, California Robs Your Employees

But, Assemblyman Phil Ting (D-San Francisco) doesn’t think preventing people from working — or more specifically, preventing California-based companies from bidding on jobs that would employ them — goes far enough. Ting’s bill, California Assembly Bill 946, would prohibit the state of California from paying out pension investments to any companies who become involved in the project.

Assembly Bill 946 would deny people their pensions if the company they work for gets involved in the U.S./Mexico border wall. No mention has been made with respect to what Ting proposes the state do with the potentially millions of dollars in pensions that could be denied working-class Americans.

To What End, California?

California has decided it is better to potentially deny tens of thousands of Americans their hard earned pensions — many of whom are Mexican and Latin Americans who’ve worked legally in the U.S. who-knows-how-many years as Citizens — than permit the construction of a wall, a wall that will force Mexicans and Central Americans to go through the proper channels prior to living and working in the United States.

California Legislators Have a History of Biting off More Than They Can Chew

Though busy, demanding Californians sacrifice for the state government’s liberal social ideology, California remains home to eight of the nation’s top-10 polluting cities.

Unable to get emissions and fuel efficiency bills past the Bush Administration and the Obama Administration, California will likely run into the same issue with the Trump Administration considering the stance the state has taken with respect to illegal immigration.

Because California has more population than any other state in the U.S., twice the number of illegals as any other state — including Texas — and the single worst gas well leak in the nation and maybe the world, California’s governing class might want to take a harder stance on California’s government and consider letting Californians and Americans think for America.


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