Rentar® Fuel Catalyst Does Not Void Warranty

The Rentar Fuel Catalyst is an easily attachable device that comes with an exclusive 10-year warranty against parts and manufacturing defects and more importantly, doesn’t void the manufacturer’s warranty on all leading diesel engines in trucks, ships, trains, off road vehicles, as well as boil

SuperTruck II – Even Better Than “Transformers”

Get ready for the Super Trucks. Here comes SuperTruck II – Even Better Than “Transformers”. No, this isn’t the latest “Transformers” movie. It’s the next generation of long-haul carriers that will carry even larger loads using much less fuel. The Department of Energy has just greenlit

The Driverless Revolution and Fuel Savings

If major automakers like Ford and BMW are to be believed, the driverless car and truck revolution is less than a decade away. In addition to radically re-shifting the fleet industry, driverless transport is likely to spark a revolution in fuel savings unlike any breakthrough of the last few decades.