The Rentar Fuel Catalyst

Fuel catalysts are at the forefront of a technical revolution that promises substantial diesel fuel savings, smoother running engines and clean air breakthroughs demanded by a growing body of government regulations.

The Rentar Fuel Catalyst is at the cutting edge of this revolution – a unique fuel-savings device that fits on trucks, heavy construction equipment, industrial boilers and generators..

Backed by a Decade of Field Tests

Backed by more than a decade of government, industrial and laboratory testing, the Rentar Fuel Catalyst has been proven to cut fuel costs, reduce engine maintenance and improve the environment by cutting dangerous emissions.

It reduces fuel consumption by up to 10 percent, eliminates dangerous soot build-up in engines, and wins clean-air kudos with remarkably lower emission levels of CO, CO2, SO2, NOx, total hydrocarbons, particulate matter and other harmful greenhouse gases.

How Dangerous is a Dirty Dozer?

How important is this? One metric ton of CO2 is released into the atmosphere for every 103 gallons of diesel fuel typically burned by a truck or heavy construction equipment like bulldozers or graders. The fuel capacity of a Caterpillar D10 dozer is 383 gallons. On a normal day of running, one Caterpillar D10 on a typical construction site will use upwards of 800 to 900 gallons of diesel fuel.

A Rentar Fuel Catalyst on vehicles like the D10 creates not only improvements in fuel consumption, but also 8.74 tons of CO2 reduced daily increased engine life as soot and carbon buildup is reduced.

The Rentar Fuel Catalyst is the right technology at the right time. The second round of greenhouse gas emission and fuel economy standards for medium- and heavy-duty vehicles – generally known as GHG Rule Phase 2 – will begin taking effect for trailers for model year 2018. For tractors, it will be model year 2021. The plan goes through 2027, when the entire vehicle ­­– engine, truck and trailer – will be required to meet certain standards.

The EPA says the standards will “significantly reduce carbon emissions and improve fuel efficiency of heavy-duty vehicles, helping to address the challenges of global climate change and energy security.” Medium- and heavy-duty vehicles account for about 20 percent of GHG emissions and oil use in the U.S. transportation but only comprise about 5 percent of vehicles on the road, according to the federal government. That’s why the government’s focus is on them.

And that’s why you need a Rentar Fuel Catalyst for your fleet today.