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Every Month Is ‘Movember’: A Mid-Season Health Safety Reminder

Late last fall, two of the trade’s heavy hitters honored “Movember” by blogging about the reality that it isn’t always easy to bring manliness to work, even if the work is inherently dangerous and/or requires testosterone-soaked sweat to manage everyday.

For those tree-hugging, blue-collar men trying to walk the fine line between responsible development and growth that coincides with environmental protection particularly, remaining safe while at the same time sporting facial hair with flare can be difficult.

In honor of those men, 3M developed the Adflo™ Powered Air Purifying Respirator (PAPR) System. “The right respirator means you don’t have to give up the scruff,” the company blog assures.

“Bottom line: You’ll work smarter, not harder — and you can keep your several styles of facial hair while doing it. So go ahead and join the Movember movement. It’s a great cause and shows solidarity for men’s health worldwide!” the blog explains. not only likes the PAPR System but the blog advertising it, “You know the article is good because it references facial hair kings ZZ Top and Santa Claus. By the way, I’ve always been fascinated by the fact that ZZ Top drummer Frank Beard…doesn’t actually have one!”

Beards, Tree-Huggers and Diesel Engines

As ironic as a man named Beard doesn’t have one is the fact that truck drivers, heavy equipment, and agricultural machinery operators aren’t considered environmentalists.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Bearded Drivers and Operators, and Green Machines

Diesel fuel is the cleanest-burning, most productive fossil fuel available.

Upon combustion, diesel fuel releases:

•98% less carbon monoxide than gasoline engines without a catalytic converter.

•97% less hydrocarbon than gasoline engines without a catalytic converter.

•69% less oxides of nitrogen than gasoline engines without a catalytic converter.

•15% less carbon dioxide than gasoline engines without a catalytic converter.

Even vehicles with catalytic converters are not even remotely close to as clean-burning as diesel engines without a pre-combustion fuel catalyst.

Gasoline cars with a catalytic converter produce:

•40% more carbon monoxide than diesel engines without a pre-combustion fuel catalyst.

•16% more hydrocarbons than diesel engines without a pre-combustion fuel catalyst.

In addition to producing less greenhouse gas emissions, diesel produces:

•5% more energy per unit of measure — liter or gallon.

And, diesel fuel is:

•20% more efficient than gasoline engines per unit measure.

Men and women with and without facial hair who drive and/or operate diesel powered trucks, equipment, and machinery — whether they are aware of it or not — are all green, nature-protecting, environmentalists in relation to those driving gasoline powered vehicles.

Diesel drivers are nature’s au naturel.

The One Problem with Diesel

Per liter or gallon, diesel releases about three pounds more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere than does the combustion of gasoline. Carbon dioxide — which in fairness is produced in much greater quantities by the ocean and volcanoes that by combustion engines — is one of the biggest culprits of global warming.

While not a hazardous greenhouse gas — it is used by green trees, plants and algae to produce oxygen, — there is a terrible overabundance of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

The Rentar Fuel Catalyst: The One Solution to Diesel Combustion Carbon Dioxide

There is a solution for those green drivers, operators, driver/operators and owner/operators who want to wear facial hair without hypocrisy: the Rentar Fuel Catalyst.

In addition to unparalleled fuel savings, the Rentar reduces:

•Carbon dioxide emissions by the same amount of reduced fuel consumption

using the Rentar Fuel Catalyst as per the EPA carbon balance method.

•Particulate matter by up to 19.2%.

•Black smoke (unburned fuel) by up to 44%.

•Elemental and organic carbons by up to 35%

•Cancer-causing volatile organics like tri-methylbenzene by up to 58.7%.

Diesel leaves the softest carbon footprint, but there is no need for green drivers, operators, and owners to be satisfied. While diesel is as natural as a truck driver’s beard or a hoe operator’s scruff, emissions can still be shaved by dramatic amounts with the Rentar Fuel Catalyst.


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