Latest Mining Trends: How Important It Is for the Mining Industry to Save on Fuel

By far, the greatest operating expense in mining is fuel and specifically diesel. Mines require trucks, loaders, diggers, etc.  With the exception of some specialized equipment designed to operate underground, wheel loaders, bulldozers, excavators and haul trucks are required and all are powered by diesel engines.

Fuel savings for heavy equipment is critical to a mine operation. While it is not uncommon for a large portion of the machinery on a site to be powered by electric motors — machinery that moves run of mine (ROM) material, such as belt feeders, crushers, mills, etc. — mine operators rarely have the luxury of being connected to the grid.

As such, mobile diesel-powered generators are required to power things like screens, underground conveyors, agitation tanks and flotation cells. Furthermore, and almost always in the case of large mine operations, a fully-integrated, on-site power solution is required. These, too, are generally powered by diesel fuel.

Is Saving Fuel the Most Important Priority?

As the objective of a mine is to maximize material output — the surplus equivalent of profit — and minimize costs, fuel savings is of the highest priority. Why? Because the upstream energy source is diesel, regardless of whether a piece of machinery is powered by an electric motor or not.

Rentar Fuel-Saving Technology

Rentar Fuel Catalysts are proven in the mining, construction, excavation, marine and port industries on six continents to save up to 12 percent or more on fuel costs depending on the application and engine.

With no moving parts, no magnets and no hazardous materials, the Rentar is safe and extremely reliable.

Regardless of ambient temperatures, air moisture content, elevation or the quality of fuel, Rentar guarantees a one-year payback to the customer.

Rentar, Saving Money and the Environment

Rentar provides a free test and analysis program for companies with large heavy duty off road equipment. Rentar’s test will determine — within the industry standard margin of error — the amount of fuel savings a mining operation can accumulate by installing the Rentar pre-combustion fuel catalyst on its heavy equipment and power-generating systems. Call us to see if you qualify.

Equally as important to the reputation of the mining industry, the Rentar Fuel Catalyst will dramatically lower the emissions of your mining operation in the same way it lowers fuel costs: by producing a substantially greater combustion of fuel.

The Rentar Fuel Catalyst is the best fuel-saving device and can be your mining operation’s greatest ally with respect to operating cost reduction.


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