Heavy Equipment Rental Is Bound To Make An Impact In Your Business

Rental Heavy Equipment Show That May Win Customers

American Rental Association’s annual The Rental Show was held in Orlando, Florida this last spring. Record numbers attended the exposition this year. In all, there were more than 11,600 attendees. Not only was the number of attendees higher than ever, the number of rental businesses that attended was also a record. The total number of rental businesses represented was 2,730 according to Equipment World’s Chris Hill.

ARA CEO Tony Conant told Construction World.com, “The sentiment among attendees and exhibitors was one of optimism,” and continued on to say, “Several exhibitors I spoke with were a bit surprised by the buying activity. They said that the buyers were replacing fleet and adding fleet, which means that the rental operators are preparing for growth.”

On the vendor side, Clay Eubanks, president of Takeuchi Manufacturing-U.S., said, “We had lots of traffic, made lots of quotes on the first day and had a steady stream of people coming back to close on things,” adding “People had a great year last year and they are very optimistic for the future. The optimism level is at an all-time high for us and for the rental industry in general.”

About The Rental Show

Each year, the American Rental Association chooses a different city to hold The Rental Show. This was, however, the second time the exposition was held in Orlando. This year, The Rental Show was held in Orange County Convention Center’s North-South Building, a $200-million entertainment complex.

The Rental Show is a closed show, meaning only those who are members of the equipment rental industry may attend. In addition to being very exclusive, The Rental Show is also a place for rental company proprietors to find exceptional deals.

Every year, the American Rental Association’s organizers of The Rental Show work to help attendees benefit from show-only specials, networking, and education for a single purpose: profit.

Benefits of Attending The Rental Show

•Show-Only Specials: Renters looking to improve their fleet could not have found bigger savings on equipment anywhere else. Over 350 exhibitors offered promotions and savings specials at Orlando’s 2017 The Rental Show.

•Networking: Exposure to the profit-boosting strategies of other rental operators during the show’s seminars and social events, on the trade show floor allows you to evaluate and angle your own business model to better serve your profit margin.

•Education: As important as the deals rental operators have access to and as informative as the strategies of other rental operators to which you are exposed, The Rental Show has rental-specific seminars. This year in Orlando, there were more than 22 seminars, each free to attend for those with a full registration. Subjects included customer service seminars, seminars about marketing and selling as well as management and finance.

Other Ways for Rental Company Proprietors and Managers to Save Money

Not only does The Rental Show offer great prices on agricultural, industrial and heavy equipment, it is also an opportunity to learn about new technologies, technologies that save money. On display were a number of automated systems that increase the productivity of equipment.

In addition to automated equipment, The Rental Show makes it increasingly clear that fuel-saving devices are a requisite for saving money. Mechanical devices like the Rentar Fuel Catalyst can decrease company costs by more than almost any other technology or strategy on the market.

The Rental Show is not only an opportunity to find great deals but a means of educating oneself with respect to cost savings.


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