Extend Engine Life of Trucks, Equipment and Machinery: Pre­ combustion vs. Post-combustion Devices

The Rentar fuel catalyst extends the engine life of equipment and reduces maintenance, particularly in relation to catalytic converters.

Diesel greenhouse gases, often seen as black diesel smoke, are symptoms of poorly burned fuel, which affects the environment significantly more than more completely burned fuel. Also, in relation to fuel costs of a machine running with a fuel catalyst, unburned fuel increases diesel equipment fuel costs significantly.

Fuel Catalyst vs. Catalytic Converter or Diesel Particulate Trap and SCR System

A Rentar fuel catalyst is a pre-combustion fuel catalyst. The fuel catalyst homogenizes diesel fuel prior to combustion.

Unlike a catalytic converter/particulate trap – which is a post-combustion device that reduces particulate matter and the SCR system that breaks up the nitrogen oxides of the exhaust into nitrogen and water after combustion – a Rentar fuel catalyst modifies the diesel fuel before the fuel runs its course through the engine.

Diesel fuel carbons that build up in an engine are reduced by the installation of a Rentar pre-combustion fuel catalyst. A diesel fuel catalytic converter/particulate trap or SCR system, on the other hand, does nothing to extend the life of an engine or reduce fuel costs.

Pre-combustion Homogenization of Fuel and Engine Buildup Reduction

The same technology within a Rentar fuel catalyst that reduces greenhouse gas emission increases fuel efficiency by 2-12 percent- depending on the engine and the vehicle it powers – and extends the intervals between maintenance work.

A fuel catalyst reduces maintenance and extends engine life by burning fuel carbons with greater efficiency.

Homogenization is the means by which a fuel catalyst increases the efficiency of diesel fuel combustion.

Various precious metals lining the inside of a Rentar fuel catalyst along with the turbulence created by the way the catalyst is built help to separate organic carbon molecule clusters into smaller units.

Carbon molecule clusters occur naturally in diesel fuel. By separating the clusters of carbon molecules into smaller units, a Rentar fuel catalyst helps a diesel engine burn the fuel more efficiently.

Unburned carbon molecules stick in the lines, corners, curves and hollows of the internal components of an engine.

Dirty exhaust that contains a lot of particulates not only dirties the environment, but it also dirties the inside of a diesel engine and reduced engine life. More completely burned diesel fuel is synonymous with a clean exhaust and good diesel fuel economy.


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