Don’t Pour Snake Oil in Your Tank

Rentar vs. the Competition: There’s No Contest

Unlike many other fuel catalyst products promising cleaner emissions, enhanced engine life and fuel savings, the Rentar Fuel Catalyst has been tested and analyzed by some of the finest environmental labs and institutes around the world.

For over a decade, the Rentar Fuel Catalyst has been subjected to grueling field tests on heavy-duty trucks and construction equipment, industrial generators and boilers. It has been tested by two of the major clean air laboratories recognized by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the California Air Resources Board (CARB).

Don’t Pour Snake Oil in Your Tank

Beware of Snake oil in your tankBuyer beware: there are numerous fuel catalyst products on the market that promise miraculous improvements in fuel consumption and emissions. The vast majority are nothing more than snake oil hyped with pseudoscience. Many are liquids you pour in your gas – an immediate problem because you’re potentially introducing more pollutants to burn along with your already toxic fuel.

Others come as attachments that hook onto your fuel line. Many are made of toxic materials like mercury, silicon and lead that actually break apart and flow to other parts of your engine or out into the world as dangerous emissions that you and your employees breathe. The result is increased engine maintenance. On top of that, many of these devices require chemical disposal when they wear out.

The Rentar Fuel Catalyst doesn’t have any of these problems. In test after test, the Rentar has been proven to:

  • Reduce fuel consumption by up to 8 percent or more depending on application
  • Reduce harmful pollutants like CO2 , CO, NO, NOx,  SO2, particulate matter, black smoke (opacity) and other greenhouse gases causing disease and environmental problems.
  • Enhance engine life and reduce maintenance

The Rentar Fuel Catalyst Isn’t for Your Lawn Mower

The Rentar is not for your lawn mower or your car. Our cutting-edge fuel catalyst technology is designed for diesel fuel burning engines that power off-road construction equipment, long-haul trucks and buses as well as generators that can power entire cities that have no electrical grid, international ports and furnace/boiler applications.

You don’t pour us in your engine. There’s no garbage going in your engine, so no garbage will be coming out. The Rentar’s installation is a simple, one-time attachment that requires no maintenance and comes with a full warranty.

Our unique technology does the following: one reaction is the change in the proportion of aliphatic paraffin’s to ring compound aromatics which result in a release of a small amount of hydrogen gas.  Another is the separation of clustered fuel molecules creating more surface area on the fuel molecules to be exposed to oxygen at the point of combustion. Additional reactions result in lowered vapor density or improved atomization and a cooler flame (lowered NOx).  With more fuel molecules being burned and the enhancement of the hydrogen, there’s less unburned fuel to wind up as soot in your engine or your air.

It’s really that simple. On a typical engine, the Rentar’s return on investment (ROI) typically pays for itself in less than a year. Just read our results.