We are looking for a partner in you!

Rentar is looking for distributors in the United States and around the world for its revolutionary fuel catalyst products.

A Rentar distributor has the chance now to get in on the ground floor with our innovative technology that not only saves users money by stretching fuel consumption and reducing engine maintenance, but also dramatically reduces soot and other dangerous pollutants in engine, furnace and boiler emissions.

The market is wide open. Our unique green, climate-saving technology is only now just becoming known to governments and industries around the world searching for savings and carbon-saving technology that meets evolving standards for environmental regulations and cap-and-trade markets

In addition to attractive margins on each Rentar Fuel Catalyst, our distributors also see these other benefits:

  • No Competing Product: There is nothing else like the Rentar. No other “fuel-saving technologies” on the market are backed by EPA and CARB recognized lab tests like the Rentar.
  • 3-Year Guarantee: Rentar’s exclusive warranty covers any and all parts and manufacturing defects.
  • Worldwide Patent Protection: Rentar’s current 28 patents are recognized globally and provide protection until 2031. Our team of scientists and engineers are also constantly improving the product and taking out new patents.
  • Company Support: Drawing on our experience working in North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia, the Rentar team of scientists, technicians and sales experts are at your call 24/7
  • Global Liability Coverage: Our products are backed with a $1 million liability coverage per occurrence in the United States and $2 million anyplace around the world. “Additionally insured” product liability statement forms can be obtained for qualified end users.