Diesel Fuel Catalyst Synonymous with Diesel Fuel Savings

Diesel Fuel Catalyst, Your Diesel Fuel Costs Solution

Even if you don’t evaluate your operating costs on a regular basis, it is impossible to ignore fuel costs. In every diesel-powered operation, fuel costs are one of the two biggest operating costs. Only employees are more expensive than diesel fuel.

Fuel costs are so substantial that it is impossible not to notice the dent diesel puts in your monthly net income.

It is the same for all for-profit industries dependent on diesel engines. The difference between costs and net profit is the quantifier of business success. Be its heavy equipment, over the road hauling, one of the marine industries, business success is the same for all diesel-powered sectors.

The wider the gap between costs and net profit, the more financial success a company is having.

In the same light, costs and expenditures are lost profit.

Diesel Fuel Catalyst a Cost Cutting Instrument

Again, no other operating costs are even close to as expensive as those paid out for diesel fuel and wages. Likely, you evaluate your operating costs monthly or quarterly. When the distance between costs and profits shrinks, you begin weighing your options.

Diesel fuel costs are probably one of the first expenses you look to cut.

The problem is, the market sets the price of diesel. The cost of diesel is a given. So, you look elsewhere. The next problem is, cutting operating costs in other areas is virtually impossible. Or, the cuts you make are too small to be of consequence.

So, you’re back to where you began.

You can’t cut diesel fuel costs, but fuel costs are your biggest non-human expense. You can’t cut wages. And even if you save 10 or 20 percent on parts, repair, tires, etc., the savings aren’t substantial.

Back at square one a second time, there is only one solution. You must get more operating hours out of each gallon of diesel fuel you purchase.

A diesel fuel catalyst does exactly that, cuts fuel costs. And the Rentar Fuel Catalyst cuts fuel costs dramatically. 

A Rentar Fuel Catalyst is a pre-combustion catalyst that can improve fuel efficiency by up to 8% on track and wheel machines. A Rentar can extend fuel output by almost 12% on a diesel fuel generator. On boilers and furnaces, a Rentar Fuel Catalyst improves fuel efficiency by up to 30%.

Rentar’s diesel fuel catalyst promises substantial diesel fuel savings. For cutting operating costs, a Rentar Fuel Catalyst is peerless in the world of construction and development.

What is a Fuel Catalyst?

A diesel fuel catalyst is not a post-combustion catalytic converter. The purpose of a catalytic converter is to reduce emissions. Catalytic converters do not increase fuel efficiency.

A Rentar Fuel Catalyst also reduces emissions. But, the Rentar’s greatest value comes from its ability to reduce operating costs significantly.

While the technology is complex, the principles behind the Rentar Fuel Catalyst are relatively simple. A fuel catalyst homogenizes diesel fuel which makes it burn cleaner and more completely.

In its natural state, diesel is a liquid, but it has clusters of fuel molecules. Fuel clusters reduce the surface area of fuel molecules. The molecules on the inside of a cluster aren’t exposed to oxygen, a requisite for combustion.

By breaking up the fuel clusters, fuel oxygenation occurs at a higher rate. The more oxygenated diesel fuel is, the more completely it burns. But, unlike a chemical fuel catalyst, the Rentar homogenizes diesel fuel with a mechanical process.

Clusters occur in diesel because the fuel molecules clump together. The Rentar is a cylinder built of precious metals. It is affixed to the fuel line between the fuel tank and a diesel engine’s injectors. When diesel fuel passes through the precious metal cylinder, the polarized molecules in the fuel clusters are neutralized.

The neutralization breaks up the clusters making the fuel an even mixture that is much easier for the injectors to oxygenate. The result is a clean complete fuel burn.

Fuel Catalyst from Rentar Guaranteed to Cut Costs

The Rentar Fuel Catalyst comes with a return on investment (ROI) guarantee. Rentar guarantees that its catalyst will pay for itself within 3 and 12 months based on hours of operation and other considerations of the equipment. Rentar guarantees the fuel cost savings on a machine, truck, generator, boiler or furnace in the first year will be greater than the cost of the Rentar Fuel Catalyst.

Never has a Rentar Fuel Catalyst failed to pay for itself within a year. More often not, the Rentar pays for itself between month 6 and 9 following installation.

10-Year Rentar Fuel Catalyst Warranty

The Rentar Fuel Catalyst also comes with a 10-year warranty. The precious metals of the Rentar Fuel Catalyst are true catalysts. That means the Rentar does not degrade or erode. Theoretically, the Rentar will last indefinitely. As such, it is very unlikely the 10-year Rentar Warranty will outlast the Rentar Fuel Catalyst.

Rentar Fuel Catalyst Emissions Reduction

So effective at cutting fuel costs that the Rentar is guaranteed to pay for itself within a year. So structurally sound is the Rentar that it is guaranteed to last a minimum of 10 years. More impressive, however, is the Rentar Fuel Catalyst’s emissions reduction.

The Rentar Fuel Catalyst reduces black smoke — the consequence of an incomplete burn — by up to 44%. The Rentar reduces greenhouse gases and particulate matter by up to 19.2%. It reduces elemental and organic carbons by up to 35%. By 16.7% the Rentar reduces acetone emissions. And, the Rentar Fuel Catalyst reduces cancer-causing volatile organics by between 35.4% and 58.6%.

The total carbon reduction of the Rentar Fuel Catalyst is 19%. The Rentar reduces sulfate emissions by between 9.5% and 22.7%.

Fuel Catalysts Increase Profit and Reduce Emissions

The purpose of a chemical fuel catalyst is to create a clean complete burn thereby increasing fuel efficiency, hence, profit. A post-combustion catalytic converter reduces emissions but does not increase fuel efficiency nor profit.

A Rentar Fuel Catalyst will reduce diesel fuel costs. And, the Rentar Fuel Catalyst reduces emissions.


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