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Easy to install and very low maintenance.  Trucks, trains and ships will see anywhere from a 3% to 10% reduction in fuel consumption adding up to huge savings. Off road haul trucks, wheel loaders and other aggregate and mining applications using the Rentar, for example, typically see tasks that used to take 400 gallons of diesel fuel on a normal day suddenly drop to 380 gallons or less. The ROI is generally less than one year.  On heavy fuel using equipment, the ROI can be as little as a few months.

The savings don’t stop there.  The Rentar fuel catalyst reduces carbon buildup in engines.  Customers using the Rentar fuel catalyst have typically seen engine life stretched by 20%. That translates into tens of thousands of dollars or more in reduced maintenance and lost time for a single piece of equipment.  Those savings are amplified when the Rentar fuel catalyst is put on ships and heavy duty equipment..

On power generators, furnaces and boilers, the Rentar fuel catalyst has saved school districts, factories and sea ports across the United States and around the world even more money. Stationary power generators see fuel consumption cut by as much as 12% while furnaces and boilers have seen their operating budgets slashed by as much as a staggering 30%. Add to that the less tangible health and workforce benefits of less soot and particulate matter do to cleaner emissions.  For every 100 gallons of diesel fuel not burned, 1 metric ton of CO2 is not released into the atmosphere.

For customers, the Rentar fuel catalyst will pay for itself during the first year.  Each Rentar comes with a 10 year warranty, product liability insurance and a technical support network backed by our team of experts.  All this for a device that can be installed in 30 minutes, has no moving parts, no messy chemical additives and no maintenance.

The question isn’t can you afford a Rentar, but whether your business can afford not having this revolutionary device on your equipment.

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