Believe In Your Equipment But Never Stop Improving It

Rentar Fuel Catalyst Proves Itself on Mass Transit Vehicles With Respect to Reducing Emissions of Opacity The Rentar’s capacity as a mass transit fuel saving device is recognized in North, Central and South America, Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Africa, Australia, and New Zealand. Equally as

Curtailing the Threat of Volatile Organic Compounds

As evidence grows that the earth is approaching a dangerous feedback loop that is actually speeding up global warming, scientists are increasingly focusing on the dangerous toxins known as volatile organic compounds. Sometimes referred as VOCs, these are organic compounds that that easily turn to va

5 Big Tips for a Carbon Friendly Christmas

How deep is your Christmas carbon footprint? If you’re looking to have a green holiday and save the climate by saving on fuel, we have some tips for you. This is serious business. The year 2016 is going into the record books for crossing several key thresholds for climate change, according to a nu

Climate Change Tips for Thinking About Thanksgiving

Climate change is increasingly affecting what ends up on your Thanksgiving table, according to experts. A report issued Wednesday detailed how global warming is altering the earth’s food chain, beginning with the Arctic. But closer to home, unseasonably warm temperatures are having sometimes devas

Veteran’s Day, Sacrifice, and Climate Change

Veteran’s Day is about sacrifice – the ultimate sacrifice in many cases – but it raises a question each of us must ask: how much are we willing to sacrifice? Climate change is a major factor behind many of the world’s current conflicts, according to the CIA, and other threats are growing eve

Leonardo DiCaprio’s “Before the Flood” Documentary

Just in time for Election Day, superstar Leonardo DiCaprio is making his National Geographic climate change documentary, “Before the Flood,” available for free. (You can see the whole thing below or here.) The next president is going to have to deal with climate change and the myriad of new regu